Energy on the move


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Today and even more tomorrow, SUSTAINABLE MOBILITY not only means electric vehicles, but also electric infrastructures. These include photovoltaic platforms and electric charging stations.

Soland has been a player in the E-Mobility market for more than two years, thanks to sharing of the know-how with the main dealers of charging stations.

Recent incentives for the purchase of an electric car created growth for the E-Mobility sector in Italy. These incentives are available even today. Soland play an active role in this growth, considering the mutual benefit that comes from the integration between photovoltaic plants and charging stations.

Underscoring SOLAND’s trust in the E-Mobility sector as Installer of charging stations, SOLAND, first of all, is an End Customer. In fact, leveraging over the national incentives, two 100% electric cars have recently been purchased. These vehicles allow a significant reduction of both costs (1€ = 100 Km per road stretch) and CO2 emissions (0 g/Km). Moreover, they contribute to the diffusion of the “SOLAND E-MOBILITY” logo across the local territory.