Case Study

Case Study

Why choose an electric car?

Many car drivers ask us why to choose an electric car. There are plenty of reasons:

  • if your journey is below 160Km per day you can certainly choose a Renault Zoe and charge the car at your premises. If your journey is above 160Km, you can make a stop to charge the car in one of the charging stations that are mushrooming in many Italian cities
  • for the speed lovers there is another advantage: electric cars offer an immediate access to the maximum torque available from the engine. In a race between an electric and a gas car, the electric car will win! The secret lies in the thrust: to access the highest torque, you don’t need to wait until 3000 rpm!
  • for the convenience lovers, we remind you that 2-3€ of electricity are sufficient for a 160Km-journery with an electric car. This equals to less than two liters of diesel fuel! Moreover, there are economic advantages in terms of car insurance, property tax. Finally, you don’t pay parking and you have free access to restricted traffic zones in many Italian cities

More than with words, we would like to show you the advantages coming from an electric car with “real numbers” at hand:

Case Study – Cost comparison between a Renault Zoe vs. traditional gas-powered engine

  • 145 Km journey from Borgo d’Ale (Vc) to Como (Co) through motorway
  • Zoe consumption: starting with full charge (cost: 3€), 15% of the charge was still available at the arrival. That means that the electricity cost of journey was 2.55€
  • traditional engine: the consumption was 24 liters of petrol. Given a unit cost of 1.790 €/liter (average cost at “self” gas stations), the petrol journey cost was 42.96€

Conclusion: using the Renault ZOE saved 40.41€, which is 94.06% of the fuel cost for the traditional engine. Moreover, because of its “green” peculiarity, the Zoe allowed us to enter a city restricted traffic zone for free.