Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency

Consume less, save more


Energy efficiency is the optimal use of energy by an electric load, for example a motor, a light bulb, or an industrial oven. Its goal is to minimize energy consumption, without decreasing the device performance.

Energy efficiency is the fastest, economic and clean solution to reduce energy consumption: now we can already do more in terms of energy efficiency.

In fact, in most of the existing industrial factories, we can reach an energy saving of up to 30%, using technologies that are already available on the market.

SOLAND offers a full-round set of technologies, solutions and services that turn energy efficiency into an opportunity for the Customer. This is done by providing long-term solutions such as consumption monitoring and control. Moreover, state-of-the-art industrial automation is implemented with the aim of keeping the machines in operation only when it is strictly needed.

The consolidated experience of SOLAND in terms of new energies makes it the ideal partner for those who want to save on their bills in a safe and clean way.