Government bodies

Government bodies


Town halls, Provinces, ASL and hospitals, schools and any other public agency can reduce their energy costs and emissions of carbon dioxide. This is done through specific solutions tailored to the macro-areas that contribute the most to the energy costs:

  • technical solutions, on buildings and/or industrial plants
  • management solutions, to optimize the organizational aspects of the production, including manpower
  • economic solutions, optimizing the unit costs of energy supply and accessing to funds and incentive schemes dedicated to energy efficiency

The SOLAND approach combines experience and professional diligence. This allows us to precisely determine the actions that can give significant energy savings. A team of qualified technicians will work on the energy efficiency project, in collaboration to external experts for every specific field.

An Energy Checkup will evaluate the current level of energy costs and consumptions in the three areas mentioned above. The deeper the analysis, the higher the energy and cost savings are. In fact, a precise analysis of costs/benefits quantifies the potential savings and the payback time of the investment. Together with the list of suggested actions, operational guidelines are also supplied to the Customer’s staff for a good and efficient operation of the plant and of manpower.

In addition to the technical solutions, SOLAND provides support and assistance for the paperwork required to apply for EU, national or regional funds aimed at energy efficiency:

  • prepare the application and the administrative paperwork to apply for the funding schemes
  • manage the paperwork required to obtain the tax breaks for energy-efficient building revamping
  • paperwork necessary to obtain the Notes of Energy Efficiency (“Titoli di Efficienza Energetica”, TEE)