Photovoltaic plants

Photovoltaic plants

if you choose the sun, you choose Soland

In order to guarantee a proper and stable financial return on the investment, SOLAND establishes a direct, stable and durable relationship with the Customer, making available all its technical and qualitative competences, in order to procure all the necessary answers and assistance in every step of the process.

SOLAND means reliability and competence, from plant design to electricity production, from paperwork management for plant commencing operations to the maintenance of the working plant, in order to cope to the ever-moving solar market in an efficient manner.

In few simple steps, the summary of the SOLAND “turnkey” philosophy is:


  • Site survey, preliminary sizing based on energy needs analysis with financial planning of the investment return and payback
  • Choice of the best design and site based on the Customer needs:

  1. planning of the usable site and plant positioning
  2. evaluation of shadowing effects
  3. verification of the structural loads
  4. final design

  • SOLAND guarantees assistance to the Customer even in the preliminary steps before the realization of the plant, taking care of the technical paperwork that is mandatory to get the building authorizations.
  • Even in the case of submitting specific applications for particular local and national funding (POR, PSR, …), the Customer can always count on the technical and administrative support of SOLAND.
  • Realization of the plant with the SOLAND fully-internal team, using components coming only from market-leaders which are certified and with a quality guarantee
  • The administrative paperwork for the connection of the plant to the national grid is a complex and long procedure, but it is unavoidable in order to put the plant into operation: SOLAND cakes care of this whole procedure, contacting each of the bodies that are involved, including GSE-Gestore dei Servizi Energetici (earlier GRTN), Enel, UTF, …
  • Customer support is one of the goals of SOLAND, which arranges and proposes different types of service contracts, which can be extended over the whole lifespan of the plant, in order to continuously maintain the plant highest efficiency and functionality