components and spare parts

components and spare parts


In order to guarantee the highest plant productivity for an extended period of time, the choice of the components suppliers is primarily based  on the quality of the products.

For this reason, SOLAND established supplying contracts with leading Italian and foreign manufacturers. This, in turn, guarantees superior performance in terms of productivity.

The origin of these products, coming from excellent markets such as Germany (Siemens, SMA, K2) and Japan (Kyocera), insure that the product warranties (especially those on productivity) are real and practically achievable.

In other words, we have focused on the reliability and stability for the future, having selected market-leader companies which are on the market since years, and they are not extemporize and on the market only because of heavy marketing strategies. This way, we have minimized the risk of default of the supplier, and of the corresponding disappearance of warranties, in the years to come.

Finally, the philosophy of continuity and integrity is confirmed by the choice of SOLAND to have planned warehouse stock of materials, so that we can quickly respond to the market needs.