tracking plants

tracking plants


Solar trackers are the most innovative solution for the optimization of the energy yield of a photovoltaic plant.

Because solar radiation changes during the day and through the seasons, solar trackers are structures that follow the sun’s movements, orienting the modules to harvest as much sunlight as possible.

Currently there are two types of trackers available on the market:

  • monoaxial trackers: the sun  is being tracked either only in its daily path (east/west), or in its seasonal path (north/south). Compared to a fixed-mounted system made with the same components and in the same site, the increase of energy yield can be estimated from +5% (in case of north/south tracking) to +25% (in case of east/west) on an annual basis.
  •  biaxial solar trackers: in this case the sun tracking occurs in both the east/west and north/south axis. Compared to a fixed-mounted structure, the increase of energy yield is 35% – 40% on an annual basis, with peaks of 45%-50% during the summer period.

However, rest assured the extra productivity, the choice of a tracking plant with respect to a fixed one requires a larger piece of land and has additional maintenance throughout the year.