Innovation is our guideline


Founded by entrepreneurs from Piedmont, Italy, with 30 years of experience in the industrial and energy sectors, SOLAND Photovoltaic Energy S.r.l. (a TUV- HESSEN certified company, number ISO 9001:2008) is part of a solid group that is active in the production of electricity from renewable sources since 2004: in particular solar photovoltaic, wind and geothermic.

Photovoltaic division of the group, SOLAND is an extremely dynamic and flexible company, born under inspiration of the German model, on the frontier of renewable energies since years.

With completely internal and highly specialized manpower, able to assist the Customer in every step of the process (from the preliminary energetic analysis to the design, installation, management of paperwork, after-sale services and ancillary building works), the company has reached important milestones in few years: 

  • installed more than 400 plants with more than 30 MW of installed power
  • 12 proprietary installations (testifying the trust in the feed-in tariffs of Conto Energia) and an internal Test Field for the preventive evaluation of all the materials utilized
  • internal design and realization of a high-performance biaxial solar tracker (+40% compared to a fixed-mounted installation of the same peak power)
  • a solar park of 907,20 kWp with 144 biaxial solar trackers that, since commencing operations in December 2009, is one of the biggest PV plants in North-West
  • a solar park on the land of a former mine with over 16MW installed power, completed in 2010 and that commenced operations in 2011
  • a fully-internal team, exclusively focused onto the photovoltaic plants

For all this and for much more, SOLAND presents itself as the ideal partner for those who believe that renewable energies represent a loyalty to the future and a valuable investment opportunity for the present!

In addition to the installation and maintenance of photovoltaic installations, SOLAND is able to design and realize 100% green projects: realization of renewable energy plants, application of the criteria for energy efficiency to lower the energy consumption, and promotion of electric mobility. Thanks to its know-how, SOLAND is a well-round operator in the field of renewable energies.